Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lou Dobbs Full Of

OK folks--get a grip. Kindly corpulent TV reporter Lou Dobbs isn't a nice man. I've been telling my dad for months now that Lou Dobbs is not the kindly, erudite, gentlemanly TV news host he thinks he is. Lou Dobbs is a bigotted wolf in sheep's clothing, who claims that he's only telling the "truth," and that the radical left-wingers and right-wigners are "after" him. Well, at the least, we now know that Lou is paranoid.

It's always disheartening to see a "respected" TV news journalist who gets a foothold on the airwaves take the advantage of that foothold and editorialize his or her own reality while calling it "fact." Lou Dobbs has been called to account for his errors, and his bias, and he's all pissed off about it. Check out his rant on regarding an article in the New York Times calling him on the carpet for making false statements in his newscasts. Oh for sure he claims these were minor factual errors amidst the bigger idological problem at hand--illegal immigration bringing ruin on American society--but why did he need to "bend" the facts to suit his point?

Seems Lou had on his show advocates against discrimination from the Southern Poverty Law Center--an institution which I have written about which watches out for the rest of us by keeping tabs on hate groups, terrorists, you-name-it which wants to hurt us for reasons of racism and bigotry. Lou calls the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose founder and chief legal cousel Morris Dees has put in jail the most feared and violent white supremicist hatemongers in this country--Lou calls this organization "left wing."

Without bothering anyone further, including me, with the "gory" details of how far afield Lou Dobbs is from a true unbiased journalist, let me just ask you to check out the Southern Poverty Law Center's references to Lou Dobbs's ridiculous ideas of fair and honest reporting--as well as the article in the New York Times.

Most importantly, watch out for the kindly TV news reader who is out to undermine our great society. The bigots abound, and unless you are white, and can trace your family back to the several dozen people who came over to the New World on the Mayflower, you have a reason to fear your neighbor, and a right to protect yourself as an American.

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