Sunday, April 29, 2007

Big Crowd--Borders Book Signing

Cindy Goldenberg had a huge turnout at Borders in Mission Viejo yesterday for her book signing. Here is what one Borders executive had to say:

I had the great pleasure of working with my new friend today for her book signing. Cindy and I met at Borders Books in Mission Viejo, Ca, after she inquired about how we went about setting up signings. Randomly, (though we both agree there is no random), I took the call from the back office. We connected immediately, and it was friendship at first sight. That’s generally the way I am though, and she feels about the same. To details first. She has written a very cool book along the lines of The Secret, but more focused on personal growth than monetary gains. It’s called Forgiveness: The Divine Connection. Aside from being wonderful as a person, she writes in a very clear manner, that grabs you and also holds you. (Please see the end of the article for information on getting the book.)Cindy started out as a mom, and entered into a world of horror as her son became sick, and the world of doctors and education seemed to come crashing down around her. Through the process of healing that she started during these dark times, she has grown into a brilliant example of her own teaching. I don’t want to spoil any of the wonderful material because it is really a walk along with her soul, and not just a great read. Having met her, she is even more captivating in person. Aside from her personal struggles and triumphs, she also covers a great deal of material related to her work with forgiveness, and the spiritual world that she sees very clearly. The one thing that makes Cindy so great, (aside from the hundered others), is that she is willing to enter your world view. You don’t have to call them spirit orbs, or angels, but there are things that influence and affect our lives, and she has a way to talk about them. I grew up in a Christian world view, where such things were worse than sex and drugs. But I think Cindy said it quite well; She sees angels because that what she expects to see. Manifestation occur to us in the manner that we are accustomed. It’s a function of the brain, everything fits into our deep metaphor, our explanation of reality. This is a powerful ability that she has brought to a book, so that many more can access her wonderful commitment to life and to people.

The signing itself was spectacular. We had one of the biggest turnouts in recent years. She went on for an hour and a half, and nobody even flinched. It took another forty-five minutes before the last people cleared out. They all wanted a signed copy, and what’s more they wanted Cindy. It wore her out, but she kept giving anyway. It was inspiring to watch. She spent ten minutes holding a woman’s baby and just talking, all the time the baby happily flapping its arms around. (I was helping a lot of customers, so I apologize to this young individual for referencing him or her in the neuter.)
Meanwhile, I got a chance to meet her friend, Barbara, who is also an author, with a great book on dreams. She is sending me an advanced copy, and I look forward to reading it. My dream since I was young, is to teach and write. Meeting Cindy has sparked me to begin that. Along with her, the perseverance of my friend Jill with her own novel, and a calming self realization of my own worth, I have come out of the last two month two fifths of the way through my baby, and about four other books just dying to get out.

Then at lunch I met another friend, Grace, who is also working on a book, but this time about her postpartum depression and its affect on her own spiritual development. Miraculously, she was a special education teacher for many years, and I found yet another ally in my quest to save genius from madness in children. It was a very powerful day. In fact, she and her husband David, are also responsible for me getting my butt in gear, and starting a blog. Therefore it seemed only fitting that I devote my first entry to them.
To get the book you can go to a number of sources.I can get the book for you, through my store.You can order, or download the book at is also available through some internet sources as well (Amazon, and Booklocker among them.)
Thank you Cindy, and your friends, and whomever else dead, alive, or transcendent happened to be hovering around today. (Apparently I have a Larry, but I’ve yet to figure out who that is. But it looks like I also get the Metatron. All in all, I seem to have a great group of guys.) Seriously, read the book. You may find that your tradition comes at odds with the words, but the concept of love and forgiveness is truly universal. I have come to believe that there is a god, and I am most definitely not. Aside from that, I think a little more love, a little more forgiveness, and a whole lot of trust sound like a pretty good place to start.

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