Wednesday, May 10, 2006

From Sploid's Pen to Swami's Relay & my Gut

I am always pleased when I listen to my gut and it's right. This happens now and then. If we all opened up and paid more attention to the little messages circulating in our semi and subconscious, especially in the dark when we go into that middle zone between dreaming and reality--we'd hear a lot of amazing truths.

One of the best bloggers, Swami Uptown on Beliefnet, has reiterated a story word for word from another sharp blog, Sploid. It is a fascinating and harrowing history of Porter Goss and the CIA from the 1950's. I just knew something was up with the timing of the resignation last week, and the quirky way it was handled in that it was obviously a sudden decision on who knows who's part. Not to be outdone by Swami's quoting of the post on Sploid, here it is as well:

Porter Goss began his career as a spook at Yale, where he was member of "Book & Snake," a secret society dating back to 1863. (Former defense chief Les Aspin Jr. and White House storyteller Bob Woodward are also members of this bizarre club, said to be more secretive than Skull & Bones, which infamously produced the Bushes and John Kerry.)
Goss has been directly involved with almost every atrocity committed by the American government since the late 1950s. From the Bay of Pigs to the Death Squads of Central America, Goss was always on the job. His fingerprints can even be found on the JFK assassination coverup. Someone tried to kill him in London back in 1970, but the
poison wasn't strong enough or maybe it just doesn't work on his kind.

He "retired" to Florida -- specifically, to a colony of CIA agents in Sanibel, Florida. It was here that Goss would launch his "political" career in the 1970s and cement his partnership with Democrat Bob Graham. Goss represented this congressional district -- Florida's 14th -- for 16 years, in which the multimillionaire Republican did little more than shovel money to the CIA and other intelligence operations.
Oddly enough, in this same 20-mile stretch of Florida gulf coast, most of the named 9/11 hijackers settled (including, notoriously, Mohammed Atta in Naples). Odder still, Atta and his buddies supposedly trained to be pilots at shady
CIA-financed pilot schools involved in the usual clandestine activities of money laundering and drug running. All the files and records from those flight schools were loaded onto a military cargo plane in the middle of the night of Sept. 12, 2001 -- with Jeb Bush aboard, of all people -- and flown to Washington, where they disappeared. So who really knows?!
All mathematical odds collapse in the presence of Porter Goss. He was in Pakistan weeks before the 9/11 attacks, planning a U.S. war in Afghanistan with Pakistani ISI chief Mahmoud Ahmad --
the same Ahmad who directly funded the Taliban and worked directly with Osama bin Laden.
On the morning of the attacks, the Republican congressman and "former" CIA agent and lifelong Florida politician
Bob Graham enjoyed breakfast with the same Mahmoud Ahmad, who was conveniently in Washington for high-level meetings on that infamous day.
It was Ahmad who arranged the transfer of $100,000 to alleged hijacker Mohammed Atta. This transfer was arranged in a top-secret conference room in the U.S. Capitol. The money passed through none other than
Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the Pakistani intelligence agent and British "terrorist" and Afghanistan terror-camp administrator who reportedly killed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. (The WSJ was the only major U.S. news organization pursuing the Ahmed-Sheikh-Atta connections, and Pearl was working on that very story when he was set up and kidnapped in Pakistan.)
Curiously enough, there is not
a single mention of Goss and Graham's breakfast with Ahmad in the 868-page investigation chaired by ... Goss and Graham.
And while Goss was fiercely against any investigation into the 9/11 attacks, once the investigation was in danger of becoming a reality, the lifelong spy Goss conveniently became the co-chairman of the
Joint 9/11 Intelligence Inquiry ... with none other than Bob Graham.
As busy as he was in the days before and after Sept. 11, 2001, he again showed remarkable personal strength by sponsoring the Patriot Act, a massive pile of new laws to strip Americans of civil and financial rights. This amazing collection of detailed new laws to return American intelligence to its pre-Watergate levels of domestic abuses was ready for Congress so quickly that a few have even suggested the entire thing was prepared in advance of the Sept. 11 attacks.
After finding no fault with the CIA, White House, Pentagon or any other intelligence agency, Goss must have been surprised when he was made the new CIA boss after the retirement of George Tenet -- who did such a good job that the president gave him a medal!

***Thank you, Swami and Sploid!!

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