Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nazi Wannabees In Orange County

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Gilchrist Founder of Minutemen
In Chicano folklore, Aztlan is often appropriated as the name for that portion of Mexico that was taken over by the United States after the Mexican-American War of 1846, on the belief that this greater area represents the point of parting of the Aztec migrations.—Azteca.net
“Aztlan” is a term sometimes used by anti-immigrationists to bolster their viewpoint that unlike their own forefathers and mothers, this new generation does not want to assimilate but would rather initiate a separate entity within the United States.

Well folks, it looks like that schmuck Gilchrist is out to get press attention again. Some crypto fascists just don’t know when it’s time to move on. Here’s the scenario:

LAGUNA BEACH – The founder of the Minuteman Project said his group is being discriminated against by the organizers of the Patriots Day Parade after its application to join the March event was denied.

Charles Quilter, spokesman for the parade association, said the nonprofit's bylaws state that no group with a political or religious agenda is allowed. Since they refused the Minutemen, Quilter said he has been subject to racist e-mails and phone calls from supporters of the anti-illegal immigration group.

Quilter said the decision was partly based on Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist's run for Congress. Also, the group is "a well-known political organization with political goals," Quilter said.—Orange County Register, 1/24/06

Gilchrist is the organizer of the "Minutemen,” not to be confused with the patriots who fought at Concord and Lexington. His band of KKKr's-without-the-hoods simply wants to take the law into it's own hands, scour the US-Mexican border for hopeful immigrants, legal or otherwise, who might come here to pull weeds out of their garden and possibly pollute their inbred genes.

I’m not overreacting—check out this anti-American web site devoted to anarchy which appeared when I googled Minutemen and Gilchrist:

According to reliable sources, the U.S. Senate is about to block border security measures in H.R. 4437, especially the border fence. Instead this millionaires club will tack on a guest worker (amnesty) provision. Indications are that the House will reject this measure, sending the entire issue into limbo. If this happens, Mexico wins because time is on their side. Wait another few years and they will simply outnumbers us.—AmericanPatrol.com

They’re already about to “outnumbers” us in California. Why is such racism surprising? Only 65 years ago German Nazis took fellow citizens from their midst, who were accomplished people—doctors, lawyers, business-owners—removed them from society and killed them in sequestered areas called concentration camps, because they were Jewish. Gilchrist hates Mexicans, whether they're American citizens, or immigrants with or without documentation—because he is full of fear, just like the Nazis.

If Gilchrist took a minute to read (well, one can always dream) any of the statistics involving immigration into this country in the last 20 years, he would kiss the border clay they tread on as they add to our economy, tax base, and overall lifestyle.

Gilchrist has plenty of support, in case you thought he might be an aberrant outcast. When he ran for congress in the special election in Orange County’s 48th district last fall, to replace SEC appointee Christopher Cox, he got a nice showing of voters:

JOHN CAMPBELL (REP) 46,184 44.4%
STEVE YOUNG (DEM) 28,853 27.8%
JIM GILCHRIST (AI) 26,507 25.5%

It’s the most right-wing district in the nation anyway, but still, for a racist to do so well is scary.

Gilchrist and his band of cronies is just a copy of the age-old need to build fences in order to keep out what they consider riff-raff. As history has proven over and over, all these fences do is corral the idiots. Fear will out, as always.

Maybe not this time—the real heroes deserve recognition as much as the demons: The organizers of the Laguna Beach Parade for Patriots Day are to be honored for their quick and courageous decisive action to ban Gilchrist and his group from marching in their midst. After all, we true patriots look back at the legacy of our nation of immigrants, and the prosperity and freedom that came from them.

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